Report, 3-Digit Score and Analysis

  • Will I receive a detailed explanation of what my score means along with my report?

Yes! The results of this year’s self-assessment will be in the same format as the NBME®’s pass/fail report, so you can get an accurate estimation of how ready you are to pass Step 1.
Additionally, you will receive a list of recommended topics that is based specifically on your performance on the assessment and is optimized for the latest Step 1 format. These will help you focus on the high-yield topics that will have the greatest positive impact on your exam preparation.

  • How predictive is my self-assessment score relative to my actual Step 1 exam result?

The AMBOSS Step 1 Self-Assessment scores are calculated using the performance of self-assessment-takers that are within weeks of their actual USMLE Step 1 exam date as a calibration reference. The calibration is performed using the official USMLE Step 1 score distribution, and our questions are tested and have been scrutinized by students in prior years.
We’re confident our questions are high-quality and representative of what you will see on the actual exam.  Our chosen questions also reflect the relative distribution of topics on the actual USMLE® exam.
Check out more details on reading last year’s score report in this blog post.

  • Will my score report include a 3-digit score?

Even though Step 1 is now pass/fail, over 95% of students surveyed said they’d still like to receive a 3-digit score! The score is a jumping-off point so you can gauge your progress and see what you need to do to comfortably pass Step 1 (and go on to score high on Step 2!).  

  • How long will my question blocks be available for review after the self-assessment?

The completed self-assessment and score report will be available for you to review for one month after the self-assessment week has finished. As long as you have access to AMBOSS, you will be able to review your results anytime during this timeframe. Your free access will cover you for a few days after the score report is released.

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